About QTSV - Quarantine Treatment Services Victoria

  • QTSV Quarantine Treatment Services Victoria is locally owned and operated in the Melbourne/Geelong district.
  • We specialise in Quarantine Heat Treatment, Grain Packing, Fumigation and Bagging
  • Located off the Princes Freeway just out of Melbourne
  • Our Lara facility is a Quarantine Approved Premises and has been treating goods subject to Quarantine for over 8 years
  • Q.A.P  V2658
  • Onsite Authorised Officer ( AO )
  • Capacity to store 5,000 tonne
  • 80 tonne , 26 meter weighbridge

Our Services

Heat Treatment

QTSV is a Quarantine Approved Premises we are licensed by the Department of Agriculture to perform Heat Treatment on products that are imported into Australia.


Treatable items:

– All seeds
– Bamboo
– Timber products
– Herbs and spices
– Straw products
– Furniture
– Animal products

Any products or items directed by Department of Agriculture to be heat treated.

– Capable of treating in large volume
– Dry and moist heat treatment
– Data sheet and Certificate supplied
– Plastic wrapped post treatment
– Easily accessible for all freight carriers
– Treatment chamber serviced and calibrated regularly
– Fast turn around
– Efficient and reliable service

Container Packing

Container Packing Rates effective 1st   August

Product Commodity Average Tonnes Per Container Export Containers Per Tonne
Cereals Wheat 25.0 P.O.A
Barley 22.0 P.O.A
Maize 25.0 P.O.A
Sorghum 24.5 P.O.A
Pulses Chick Peas 23.0 P.O.A
Faba Beans 24.0 P.O.A
Field Peas 24.0 P.O.A
Lupins 24.0 P.O.A
Other P.O.A
  • Weighbridge onsite
  • Daff onsite for empty container inspection
  • Classification of grain received in for packing per GTA commodity standards
  • Supply and installation of bulkheads
  • DAFF container approval and export documentation
  • Packing List, weighbridge tickets, fumigation certificate (where applicable)
  • Wharf documentation, time slot bookings and return of packed 20’ containers to designated container terminal in Melbourne
  • Container chain fee and vehicle booking system

Note*    These prices are an indication only and should be used only as a guideline as prices are subject to change on a case by case basis due to certain factors.

Fumigation & Storage

Commodity Storage rate plus fumigation per tonne
Wheat P.O.A
Oats P.O.A
Barley P.O.A
Pulses P.O.A
Lupins P.O.A
Other P.O.A

Fumigation & Storage


  • Up to 7 days of storage, $1.00 thereafter per tonne per day
  • Weighbridge ticket and fumigation ticket
  • Fumigation by Methyl Bromide unless requested otherwise
  • 4x 70 tonne silos onsite
  • 2x 50 tonne silos onsite
  • Terms and agreements
  • Payment prior to pick up
  • All prices are in Australian dollars and are exclusive of gst.
  • Storage capacity subject to availability
  • QTSV will not accept any quality claims in relation to storage services
  • Insurance of commodity is provided by QTSV whilst is silo storage
  • QTSV reserves the right to amend storage and fumigation rates

Price rates above effective from 1/1/18
Note* These prices are an indication only and should be used only as a guideline as prices are subject to change on a case by case basis due to certain factors.

Silo Storage

For all grain storage enquiries and pricing please contact Phil Evans

Ph: 0409 207 133
Email: [email protected]

Container Unpack & Re-pack

Unpacking and repacking 20ft and 40 ft containers is another service that QTSV can provide you and your clients
For all enquiries please contact us.


Product can be bagged in 10kg-70kg bags and bulk bags, product can be stacked into containers for export with all relevant paperwork provided by our onsite Authorised Officer or palletised, plastic wrapped and loaded onto a freight truck and delivered to the required destination.


We can arrange container freight to and from the wharf and container parks in Melbourne as well as pick up and delivery of any palletised goods in the Geelong/Melbourne district.

Our Location

55 Mill Road, Lara, VIC, 3212


[email protected]  0402 560 946
[email protected]  0409 207 133

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